Microsoft and Apple Extend Font Licensing Agreement

At TypeCon2007, Microsoft Corp. and Apple announced they have renewed their font licensing agreement, giving Apple users ongoing use of the latest versions of Microsoft(R) Windows(R) core fonts.

Microsoft and Apple Extend Font Licensing AgreementUnder the agreement, Apple and Microsoft are extending the seamless Web and software experience Apple users have enjoyed for years when using and viewing popular Microsoft fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial and Verdana(R).

Apple customers, developers and Web designers can safely specify fonts knowing that their documents, presentations and Web pages will appear as they are meant to be seen on screen and in print.


Minekey secures $3 Million from NEA IndoUS Ventures

Minekey, a provider of online content discovery and recommendation services, today announced it has completed a $3 million Series A Round of venture capital financing led by NEA IndoUS Ventures.

“Content discovery and personalization is the new frontier of online media,” said Vinod Dham, founding partner of NEA IndoUS Ventures and acknowledged father of the Pentium microprocessor. “Minekey’s innovative technology was built in collaboration with a team of top tier scientists and engineers at IIT, the leading technology institute in India. So far, we’re delighted by the very positive customer response.”

Minekey secures $3 Million from NEA IndoUS Ventures

¬†Minekey’s content discovery service provides highly personalized article recommendations based on what someone is looking at or has read in the past. “Most companies in this space achieve results for their clients through collaborative filtering, which looks at aggregated data and wisdom of crowds rather than specific interests,” said Carla Thompson, a leading analyst at Guidewire Group. “Minekey’s robust discovery service integrates behavioral targeting, contextual matching, personalization affinity and the collective wisdom of the experts, to ensure that users get content specifically relevant to their needs.”

The company was created, said Minekey CEO Delip Andra, to solve the number one challenge facing the average internet user: information overload. “People are overwhelmed by the volume of news stories and work-related information that they have to manage everyday online, much of which is not immediately relevant to their interests or needs,” said Andra. “Minekey’s Recommendations Widget helps users discover personally relevant information they would not have found on their own.”

Minekey enables both small blogs and large media companies to deliver personalized content. “Online publishers can improve their user experience and increase page views by deploying Minekey’s content recommendations service,” said MyWire Founder and CEO Louis Borders, an early beta customer of Minekey. “It was easy to implement and increased our click-through rate measurably.”

Publishers also have the opportunity to syndicate content via the widgets deployed on Minekey’s fast-growing blog network to dramatically increase traffic and revenue.

About Minekey: Minekey enables content discovery on blogs and websites. Minekey’s Recommendations Widget delivers personalized content to users, based on what they are currently reading or have read before. The service enables publishers and bloggers to surface the most relevant content for each online user, which results in an improved user experience, greater stickiness, increased page views and higher revenue. Founded by Delip Andra in 2005, Minekey was incubated at IIT Kharagpur, India’s leading technology institute. Minekey, headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, is funded by NEA IndoUS ventures. For more information, visit:

About NEA-IndoUS Ventures: NEA-IndoUS Ventures is a venture capital firm based out of the US and India. Co-founded by Vinod K. Dham and Vani Kola, the firm invests in businesses that leverage accelerated, long-term growth prospects and capital efficiencies. For additional information, visit

Facebook enables Search and Share for Documents

Starting today, Facebook users will be able to publish, upload and share documents with their Facebook friends – right from Facebook – with ThinkFree Docs, an application created by ThinkFree, developer of the first online office productivity suite.

ThinkFree Docs on Facebook is the first service that provides an easy way to view office documents in your Facebook network with true Microsoft Office compatibility.

Facebook enables Search and Share for Documents“We looked at what was out there and decided we could make it easier and more intuitive,” said TJ Kang, CEO of ThinkFree. “With ThinkFree Docs, we have integrated user-generated document publishing and sharing with the social networking capabilities of Facebook. There’s no need to go to a separate site, and you can easily share your documents with your friends – without losing the formatting you painstakingly put in.”

Imagine being on Facebook and collaborating on your class project without ever leaving the site. Or sharing a recipe or a script for one of your groups – without ever leaving the site. That is what ThinkFree Docs makes possible – all without losing formatting.

Users already share original documents on ThinkFree Docs. Professors post homework, and students post collaborative assignments and papers. Cooks post recipes, and gardeners share planting schedules. Authors post stories and poems, while lawyers and others post prototypical documents like wills. Business and marketing people share presentations — all in the free, ThinkFree Online format, which provides the best roundtrip compatibility to Office documents anywhere.

That is what ThinkFree can bring to Facebook’s 30 million registered users. For more information and to add the application to your Facebook profile, see the ThinkFree company blog at

“ThinkFree Docs is already becoming a mini-universe of interesting content for its users,” said ZDNet Blogger and ThinkFree advisor Marc Orchant. “It makes perfect sense to harness that for Facebook users, who can share with as many or as few friends as they like — without ever leaving the Facebook site.”

With ThinkFree Docs on Facebook, you can:

  • Search for friends’ Docs
  • Upload original Docs from your computer to ‘My Docs’, or create your own Docs in ThinkFree Docs
  • Publish your own Doc right from Facebook
  • Share your Docs with your friends
  • Link directly from Facebook to the larger sharing capabilities of ThinkFree Docs

ThinkFree is already offering to its users ThinkFree Online, a free service where users can edit their presentations, spreadsheets and word processing documents – which can make life even easier for Facebook users.

“This generation is one of the first to ‘cut the cord’ and not use a landline telephone,” noted Kang. “We hope to make it easy for them to not need a conventional desktop office productivity suite, either. We want ThinkFree to be where people need it to be.”

For more information, visit

Kaufman named America’s Coolest Young Entrepreneur

Ben Kaufman, founder of mophie, has been named the “Coolest Young Entrepreneur” by Inc. Magazine in their annual feature “30 under 30”; a list of the country’s most promising young entrepreneurs. Kaufman was given top honors for his ingenious approach to business and product development. Ben started mophie in 2005 at the age of 18 with the goal of making a “funky product development company based on good people and great ideas”.

Kaufman named America's Coolest Young EntrepreneurAs the company and its product line have grown Ben has sought to open up the development process to more and more people because he has realized that “everyone has an idea”. Today mophie is developing Illuminator, a web based community that will connect people with ideas to people that can develop those ideas into real products. The Illuminator concept was first tested at MacWorld 2007, where thousands of attendees were invited to submit their ideas for new iPod products and mophie developed the best ideas as voted upon by the community. The great success of that first Illuminator test encouraged Ben to continue to grow his open sourced community based product development process and to branch out from the iPod market.

“It is so cool to have been selected by Inc. Magazine,” said Kaufman, “As the Illuminator project takes shape, this acknowledgment further validates the fact that everyone in the world has an idea and is waiting for the perfect way to get that idea out of their heads and into the world.” mophie is now working to bring this process online and apply it to virtually any decision making activity.

For more information, visit

New Technology Means Safer Buildings

A new technology from Applied Science International, developed to analyze the behavior of structures exposed to terrorist explosions and unplanned or natural disasters, was announced today by the Homeland Defense Journal. It is expected that this breakthrough will revolutionize how buildings are designed, remodeled and secured especially in the wake of the latest terrorist attacks in London and elsewhere.

Imagine a truck loaded with the equivalent of 4,000 pounds of explosives parking at the curb near the center of a 9-story building. Within 5 seconds of detonation the building is in ruins, having totally collapsed. The explosion takes out a supporting column causing the failure of a main girder and the progressive collapse of the building above. At the end of the day there are 168 confirmed dead and 853 people injured.

New Technology Means Safer BuildingsUntil now, structural engineers have been limited to an approach called the “Finite Element Method”, or FEM, to design buildings. The weakness of FEM- based models is that they bend but do not break; they deform but do not separate. It is not an accurate picture of what happens in reality. Finally, after 12 years of research and development, a new method termed the “Applied Element Method”, or AEM, has been completed, redefining how progressive collapse, seismic wave effect, high wind, glass and blast are viewed and analyzed by engineers.

“The building referred to was the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Using ASI modeling, we now know that if the steel reinforcing bars in the main concrete girder had been doubled, the structure would have better withstood the blast and many more people would have survived,” said Edward di Girolamo, ASI’s Chief Executive Officer.

Knowing potential vulnerabilities of a design allows the making of more informed decisions on structural design and architectural layouts, determining building envelopes and perimeters, opting for alternate material selections, and even developing better security and safety procedures are among the many advantages di Girolamo pointed out.

AEM technology creates a near virtual reality movie depicting the structure’s behavior. By coupling this with ASI’s Extreme Loading for Structures(R) (ELS) software, a new era in securing buildings through a more thorough and viable vulnerability assessment process has been opened. “Vulnerability simulations come to life and are easily understood by engineer and non-engineer alike. Visualizing the assessment sets ASI’s method apart and gives owners and decision makers a clearer perspective on what they need to know to protect their people, their property and their future,” continued di Girolamo.

“For the first time, building owners, designers, architects, engineers, insurance underwriters, and security experts can see what will happen before an event takes place, whether it’s a bomb within a building’s perimeter, an earthquake underneath it, or a hurricane assaulting it from the side. “It is the world’s only real-time progressive collapse analysis software, and it can be used on any structure at any phase — from pre-construction design of structures such as towers, sports arenas and bridges to buildings scheduled for remodeling or demolition — there is no limit to its application.”

For more information about ASI’s new ELS and AES software and vulnerability assessment model visit where a Special Report about ASI and its ground-breaking technology can be downloaded and a video of their technology can be viewed.

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