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Greenies invade Second Life; Avatars Shrink to Size of Mice!

Rezzable Productions Ltd. announces that small green aliens have invaded the Second Life virtual world! It’s all kooky, good fun at the grand opening of the Greenies Home in Second Life(SL). This stunning new region is already considered to be one of the most fascinating places on the grid, allowing people to explore, discover and have fun in a 3D, immersive environment.

AGreenies invade Second Life; Avatars Shrink to Size of Mice!vatars arriving at Greenies Home are transformed into mouse-sized scale as they enter the space inhabited by the alien Greenies. Mundane household items, such as a toaster, desk and birdcage take on surreal beauty as visitors fly around them admiring the attention to detail. Beware the seemingly giant cat-who looks hungry for both Greenie and avatar alike! The Greenies Home features a spectacular new sculpture art piece using the latest SL building tool, the sculptie prim.

“This sculptie prim piece is the greatest thing ever rezzed,” comments Jonathan Himoff, Rezzable CEO. “It is an example of the level of creative excellence that can be acheived in Second Life. The Greenies Home is an amazing build – full of surprises, but also an entertaining place to hang-out and make friends.”

SL residents can also become a Greenie themselves. Avatar sets are on sale in the Spaceship allowing customers to directly partake in the action.

The Greenies Home has already gained massive positive support from SL residents and SL Bloggers. Its popularity proves that engaging content and activities can capture strong interest and solid traffic-both in SL and across the web.

“The virtual world is becoming a major thing for many people.” adds Himoff, “We are working to prove that it is possible to generate self-sustaining, long-term revenues. We are operating at a relatively large-scale now and will open the largest continuous public area in SL shortly. Rezzable will preview further areas this month to continue to meet the demand for enjoyable things to do. Greenie is a great start!”

About Rezzable: Rezzable Productions Ltd, is a UK-based company that creates and manages entertainment areas in Second Life. Rezzable is developing what will be the largest public area in SL and will deliver the highest-quality visitor experiences in the metaverse. For more information