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Kaufman named America’s Coolest Young Entrepreneur

Ben Kaufman, founder of mophie, has been named the “Coolest Young Entrepreneur” by Inc. Magazine in their annual feature “30 under 30”; a list of the country’s most promising young entrepreneurs. Kaufman was given top honors for his ingenious approach to business and product development. Ben started mophie in 2005 at the age of 18 with the goal of making a “funky product development company based on good people and great ideas”.

Kaufman named America's Coolest Young EntrepreneurAs the company and its product line have grown Ben has sought to open up the development process to more and more people because he has realized that “everyone has an idea”. Today mophie is developing Illuminator, a web based community that will connect people with ideas to people that can develop those ideas into real products. The Illuminator concept was first tested at MacWorld 2007, where thousands of attendees were invited to submit their ideas for new iPod products and mophie developed the best ideas as voted upon by the community. The great success of that first Illuminator test encouraged Ben to continue to grow his open sourced community based product development process and to branch out from the iPod market.

“It is so cool to have been selected by Inc. Magazine,” said Kaufman, “As the Illuminator project takes shape, this acknowledgment further validates the fact that everyone in the world has an idea and is waiting for the perfect way to get that idea out of their heads and into the world.” mophie is now working to bring this process online and apply it to virtually any decision making activity.

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