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Ketchum Launches Fashion Interactive 2.0

Ketchum, a leading marketing and corporate communications firm, announced today a new apparel marketing initiative, Fashion Interactive 2.0. Led by fashion marketing innovators Roy Edmondson and Jeff Danzer, this offering provides a unique combination of traditional and nontraditional marketing tools to the apparel business. Taking its cue from Web 2.0, Fashion Interactive 2.0 combines traditional marketing communications with new media tactics that harness the power of social networks, blogging, online relationships, word-of-mouth and experiential marketing.

Ketchum Launches Fashion Interactive 2.0Ketchum Launches Fashion Interactive 2.0Edmondson, senior vice president, Global Brand Marketing Practice, and Danzer, who joins Ketchum to launch this offering as vice president and group manager, apparel, will direct communications campaigns designed to reach and engage today’s digital consumers. Using Ketchum’s newly developed proprietary program that proactively harnesses the power of social networks, such as MySpace and Facebook, the group will provide a completely measurable communications platform that encourages consumers to become brand evangelists as never before.

Fashion Interactive 2.0 also will utilize the powers of the agency’s global resources, including its interactive capabilities and Ketchum and Omnicom Group’s word-of-mouth marketing firm, Zocalo Group. The initiative aligns with the agency’s work with European beauty and fashion clients.

“Roy and Jeff have proven success at enhancing relationships between brands and their target consumers. In the changing media landscape, they will be able to help brands harness the power of interactive media while strategically aligning programs with traditional tactics to create brand ambassadors,” said Barri Rafferty, partner and director, New York.

Edmondson and Danzer possess more than 30 years of combined experience in the fashion industry. Prior to joining Ketchum, Edmondson served as director of global marketing at Levi Strauss and vice president of marketing at Rocawear. Danzer, who was named a “Marketer of the Next Generation” by Brandweek, is best known as the brand architect behind 2(x)ist, founder of PL>Y Underwear (and the inventor of the iBoxer), and the executive responsible for brokering Donald Trump’s Signature dress-shirt and tie deal with Phillips- Van Heusen.

About Ketchum: A communications innovator, Ketchum ranks among the largest global public relations agencies, operating in more than 50 countries. With five global practices — Brand Marketing, Corporate, Healthcare, Food and Nutrition, and Technology — and specialty areas that include Concentric Communications (experiential marketing, events and meetings), Ketchum Entertainment Marketing, Ketchum Global Research, Ketchum Sports Network, Stromberg Consulting (change management and workplace communications) and The Washington Group (lobbying and government relations), Ketchum leverages its marketing and corporate communications expertise to build brands and reputations for clients. For more information on Ketchum, a unit of Omnicom Group Inc., visit


Facebook enables Search and Share for Documents

Starting today, Facebook users will be able to publish, upload and share documents with their Facebook friends – right from Facebook – with ThinkFree Docs, an application created by ThinkFree, developer of the first online office productivity suite.

ThinkFree Docs on Facebook is the first service that provides an easy way to view office documents in your Facebook network with true Microsoft Office compatibility.

Facebook enables Search and Share for Documents“We looked at what was out there and decided we could make it easier and more intuitive,” said TJ Kang, CEO of ThinkFree. “With ThinkFree Docs, we have integrated user-generated document publishing and sharing with the social networking capabilities of Facebook. There’s no need to go to a separate site, and you can easily share your documents with your friends – without losing the formatting you painstakingly put in.”

Imagine being on Facebook and collaborating on your class project without ever leaving the site. Or sharing a recipe or a script for one of your groups – without ever leaving the site. That is what ThinkFree Docs makes possible – all without losing formatting.

Users already share original documents on ThinkFree Docs. Professors post homework, and students post collaborative assignments and papers. Cooks post recipes, and gardeners share planting schedules. Authors post stories and poems, while lawyers and others post prototypical documents like wills. Business and marketing people share presentations — all in the free, ThinkFree Online format, which provides the best roundtrip compatibility to Office documents anywhere.

That is what ThinkFree can bring to Facebook’s 30 million registered users. For more information and to add the application to your Facebook profile, see the ThinkFree company blog at

“ThinkFree Docs is already becoming a mini-universe of interesting content for its users,” said ZDNet Blogger and ThinkFree advisor Marc Orchant. “It makes perfect sense to harness that for Facebook users, who can share with as many or as few friends as they like — without ever leaving the Facebook site.”

With ThinkFree Docs on Facebook, you can:

  • Search for friends’ Docs
  • Upload original Docs from your computer to ‘My Docs’, or create your own Docs in ThinkFree Docs
  • Publish your own Doc right from Facebook
  • Share your Docs with your friends
  • Link directly from Facebook to the larger sharing capabilities of ThinkFree Docs

ThinkFree is already offering to its users ThinkFree Online, a free service where users can edit their presentations, spreadsheets and word processing documents – which can make life even easier for Facebook users.

“This generation is one of the first to ‘cut the cord’ and not use a landline telephone,” noted Kang. “We hope to make it easy for them to not need a conventional desktop office productivity suite, either. We want ThinkFree to be where people need it to be.”

For more information, visit