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FutureDial and Sun Corporation acquire Cellebrite

FutureDial Incorporated, the leader of mobile device management solutions to wireless carriers around the world, announced that the company and one of its major shareholders – Sun Corporation in Japan – have completed the acquisition of all of the assets of Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization, Ltd, an Israel-based provider of mobile content transfer solutions previously held by private investors. Financial details of the Cellebrite buyout deal were not disclosed.

According to George Huang, FutureDial Chairman and CEO, the acquisition is a concrete step toward executing the company vision of providing a host of industry-leading mobile content management solutions. “We see FutureDial and Cellebrite solutions as complementary offerings that, when integrated, provide more comprehensive value to wireless carriers and retail stores than either of us alone. We are excited to join forces with the Cellebrite team to create better solutions to meet the market needs.”

Mr. Shu Gan, VP of Marketing and Product Management at FutureDial, said that “We have identified Cellebrite as a valuable complement to our product line in the rapidly growing wireless industry. Working together we expect to achieve greater market success that brings even higher return to our development efforts.”

“We are impressed by the accomplishment of Cellebrite in the past few years in penetrating the wireless carriers with its Point-Of-Sales products,” added Mr. Randy Osborne, FutureDial’s V.P. of Worldwide Sales. “The partnership will provide both companies with new resources and synergy that further accelerate market adoption and product expansion.”

FutureDial and Sun Corporation acquire CellebriteEstablished in 1999, Cellebrite offered contact synchronization and content transfer tools for mobile phones, for use by wireless carrier sales support staff in retail stores. Its UME-24 and UME-36-Pro series are widely adopted by many carrier stores due to their simplicity and ease of operation.

For FutureDial, the Cellebrite acquisition is the latest in a series of strategic moves this year, at a time that the company is enjoying increasing success among major global wireless carriers and wireless retailers with the new release of its web based client-server Retail Management Solution (TM) (RMS 3.0). FutureDial RMS enables store staff to provide mobile phone content transfer and backup services, while providing centralized management, reporting, and billing capabilities for carriers to manage the operations and generate additional service revenues. An initiative is already underway to leverage the synergies between FutureDial and Cellebrite technologies to create a joint offer that provides added value to the customers of both companies.

About Futuredial: Founded in 1999, FutureDial is a privately held software company focused on developing mobile device content management solutions that increase both revenue and customer satisfaction for the world’s leading wireless carriers. With its mission of “One Solution, All Devices,” FutureDial enables wireless carriers around the world to simplify and enhance operations in retail stores, service centers and warehouses. On the Web:


Minekey secures $3 Million from NEA IndoUS Ventures

Minekey, a provider of online content discovery and recommendation services, today announced it has completed a $3 million Series A Round of venture capital financing led by NEA IndoUS Ventures.

“Content discovery and personalization is the new frontier of online media,” said Vinod Dham, founding partner of NEA IndoUS Ventures and acknowledged father of the Pentium microprocessor. “Minekey’s innovative technology was built in collaboration with a team of top tier scientists and engineers at IIT, the leading technology institute in India. So far, we’re delighted by the very positive customer response.”

Minekey secures $3 Million from NEA IndoUS Ventures

¬†Minekey’s content discovery service provides highly personalized article recommendations based on what someone is looking at or has read in the past. “Most companies in this space achieve results for their clients through collaborative filtering, which looks at aggregated data and wisdom of crowds rather than specific interests,” said Carla Thompson, a leading analyst at Guidewire Group. “Minekey’s robust discovery service integrates behavioral targeting, contextual matching, personalization affinity and the collective wisdom of the experts, to ensure that users get content specifically relevant to their needs.”

The company was created, said Minekey CEO Delip Andra, to solve the number one challenge facing the average internet user: information overload. “People are overwhelmed by the volume of news stories and work-related information that they have to manage everyday online, much of which is not immediately relevant to their interests or needs,” said Andra. “Minekey’s Recommendations Widget helps users discover personally relevant information they would not have found on their own.”

Minekey enables both small blogs and large media companies to deliver personalized content. “Online publishers can improve their user experience and increase page views by deploying Minekey’s content recommendations service,” said MyWire Founder and CEO Louis Borders, an early beta customer of Minekey. “It was easy to implement and increased our click-through rate measurably.”

Publishers also have the opportunity to syndicate content via the widgets deployed on Minekey’s fast-growing blog network to dramatically increase traffic and revenue.

About Minekey: Minekey enables content discovery on blogs and websites. Minekey’s Recommendations Widget delivers personalized content to users, based on what they are currently reading or have read before. The service enables publishers and bloggers to surface the most relevant content for each online user, which results in an improved user experience, greater stickiness, increased page views and higher revenue. Founded by Delip Andra in 2005, Minekey was incubated at IIT Kharagpur, India’s leading technology institute. Minekey, headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, is funded by NEA IndoUS ventures. For more information, visit:

About NEA-IndoUS Ventures: NEA-IndoUS Ventures is a venture capital firm based out of the US and India. Co-founded by Vinod K. Dham and Vani Kola, the firm invests in businesses that leverage accelerated, long-term growth prospects and capital efficiencies. For additional information, visit